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a couple of people that are standing in the water

This is so cool!!

Our epic Cocoa Kayaking team taking out new LED lights out to see the wildlife under the paddleboards! LED tour is now available at our Titusville location and will be open in Cocoa Beach next week in Clear Bottom Kayaks! Woot woot!

Turn the light off your paddleboard and see sightings of Bioluminescent Comb Jellies and Dinoflagellates! You can even change the color of your light to your liking! 😎🤙

Photo made on production with the Cocoa Kayaking marketing team and employees to help show to glow! Lifejackets are required for all customers. 👍

Book your LED Night Light Paddleboard tour today at and use our FALL SALE of 15% off with promocode: cocoakayaking 🎉

Every purchase feeds a child! @sammehra777

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