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Every purchase with Cocoa Kayaking feeds a child and so much more! Due to our amazing Cocoa Kayaking team and customers, Cocoa Kayaking has just finished building our first orphanage in Hanumangarh, India with the House of Mercy & Grace Ministries.

Add @cocoakayaking and @sammehra777 on social media for Orphanage and Donation updates!

Thank you for everyone who chooses to kayak with Cocoa Kayaking! Making a difference, one paddle stroke at a time!

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Save The Manatee Club

Cocoa Kayaking is a proud sponsorship of the Non Profit Organization, Save The Manatee Club. Cocoa Kayaking has adopted AQUA, the Manatee for the year of 2018-2019! For more information on Save The Manatee Club, head to their Facebook page @savethemanateeclub and/or to their web page at

4Ocean Movement

Cocoa Kayaking is a proud sponsorship of the 4OCEAN MOVEMENT for 2018-2019! Cocoa Kayaking promotes cleaning our oceans and coastlines! The 4OCEAN MOVEMENT at is a global movement actively removing trash from the ocean and coastlines while inspiring individuals to work together for clear oceans, one pound at a time. With every sponsorship they are able to clean a pound of trash a month! Help promote this great movement as well at and/or check out their Facebook page: @Ocean!

Lagoon Loyal

Cocoa Kayaking is a proud business partner with Lagoon Loyal, since 2019, helping keep the lagoon clean in the local Brevard community. For more information on helping keep the local lagoon clean head to Lagoon Loyal’s website  or Facebook page!

Z88.3 FM

Cocoa Kayaking is a proud business sponsorship of Z88.3 FM at for 2018-2019! Z88.3 is a non-commercial Christian broadcaster serving all of Central Florida and Orlando. You can also visit their Facebook page!

Cocoa Beach Schools

Cocoa Kayaking is a proud business sponsorship of Jefferson Middle School, Audubon Elementary School and Merritt Island High School located in Merritt Island, Florida, DeLaura Middle School located in Satellite Beach, Florida, Cocoa High School in Cocoa, Florida and Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School located in Cocoa Beach, Florida!


Cocoa Kayaking is a proud sponsor of KBB in helping keep our land and waterways clean and beautiful!



Cocoa Kayaking Inc. is an Official Adoptive Parent of MOO SHOO, an imperiled West Indian manatee

Moo Shoo the Manatee
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