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Aloha Adventure Seekers!!

At Cocoa Kayaking, we’re passionate about bringing you unforgettable experiences on Florida’s beautiful waterways. We understand that many of you have been eagerly anticipating our bioluminescence tours, and we appreciate your enthusiasm!! We want to provide you with an update on the status of our bioluminescent dinoflagellates and bioluminescent comb jelly tours for this season.

Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates, that magical natural phenomenon, has a specific season along the Space Coast of Florida. Typically, it dazzles our waters during the warmer months, from June through August, and sometimes extends into early September. During this time, the waters come alive with the mesmerizing glow of bioluminescent organisms, creating a breathtaking spectacle.

However, nature is full of surprises, and bioluminescence is no exception. It’s notoriously unpredictable, and this year, the bioluminescent dinoflagellates glowing water season has come to a close. We value honesty and transparency in our interactions with you, our cherished guests, and it’s our responsibility to inform you that the bioluminescent magic is currently not on display for the dinoflagellates glowing water.

We are happy to say though that we are currently in our BIOLUMINESCENT COMB JELLY SEASON! We strongly suggest contacting our receptionist team at 808.798.6630 to see our current comb jelly status before booking. Comb jellies move in groups with the current and have a very unique pattern that changes daily at times. Their beauty is mesmerizing as if they are fireflies twirling under the waterway. With every movement of their oxidation luciferase process, their magnificent glow catches your eye as they dance in the night.

Cocoa Kayaking has a world of adventure waiting for you even when the bioluminescent dinoflagellates glowing water takes a break! We invite you to explore our other thrilling tour options that will allow you to connect with the stunning Florida waterways in different ways.

1. Mangrove Tunnel and Sunset Tours:   Witness the serene beauty of the mangrove tunnels as the sun sets over the horizon, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of colors and shadows. Make sure to check out our bioluminescent comb jelly sunset tours if you would like a chance to catch the dancing jellyfish in action! Guess what?! They don’t sting!

2. Wake with Wildlife in the Morning Hours:   Experience the tranquil mornings at the Wildlife Refuge in Titusville. Paddle alongside the local wildlife as they begin their day, creating a truly magical connection with nature. This location is known for having our famous West Indian Manatees hangout the longest duration, toward our winter months. The Wildlife Refuge also won National Geographic best place to see wildlife in 2021!

3. LED Nightlife and Clear-bottom kayaks:  Imagine gliding through the tranquil waters of the Indian River at night, surrounded by the enchanting glow of LED lights at the waterline of your kayak. Bioluminescent comb jellies are typically very abundant at this location during our winter months! As you paddle, you’ll have a clear view of the river’s vibrant aquatic life through the transparent bottom of your kayak with possibilities of catching the breathtaking glowing bioluminescent comb jelly dances. This unique experience promises to be nothing short of magical!

These tours offer unique opportunities to immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Florida’s aquatic ecosystems. Plus, there’s much more excitement to discover on our Florida waterways, so be sure to explore our website for our full range of tour offerings.

While bioluminescent dinoflagellate glowing water season may be over for now, the adventures never stop at Cocoa Kayaking. We can’t wait to share these incredible experiences with you and create lasting memories together.

Click the BOOK NOW button at the top of the page to book your next adventure today and join us on the water. We look forward to paddling with you soon!

Mahalo, Cocoa Kayaking style

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