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Bioluminescent Comb Jellies LED Paddleboard and Kayak Tours!

a young girl riding on the back of a boat

BIOLUMINESCENCE COMB JELLY LED Paddleboarding and Kayak Tours NOW AVAILABLE at our Titusville location!!

Coming soon to our Cocoa Beach location in Clear Bottom Kayaks and Paddleboards!!

Change the LED Lights to your liking! Catch Bioluminescent Comb Jellies that GLOW in the dark! Watch the wildlife come to life beneath you! You can even turn off the LED light and watch the Bioluminescent that is glowing right now too!! So much fun!!

Book today at! Call our main Cocoa Beach office at 808.798.6630 for more information! That’s AlOhA style folks! 😎🤙🏝

Every purchase feeds a child and so much more with the House of Mercy and Grace @sammehra777 🥰

(Lifejackets required on all guided tours with Cocoa Kayaking. Safety First. 😎🤙)

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